Presentation of the young innovators and conversation with the President

Date: Thursday, 27 March

Time: 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Location: Hotel Sauípe Fun, Gran Bahia Room

The objective of the BID 1NN0VADORES event is to bring together young innovators representing different sectors to showcase how they are contributing to improve the quality of life in the region. The event will consist of presentations by the innovators followed by a dialogue with the President of the IDB on the next decade of Latin America and the Caribbean. The conversation will focus on how innovation can promote economic and social growth, addressing three main topics tied to the Bank’s institutional strategy (productivity, inclusion, and integration). The event will conclude with commentary on Innovation as a Tool for Private Sector Development with IDB Private Sector management and innovators.

Moderator: Alejandro Páez Varela,, México


  • Carolina Freire, Voluntarios de Panamá
  • Kerstin Forsberg, Planeta Océano, Perú
  • Santiago Siri, Grupo 42, Argentina
  • Gordon Obrien Swaby, EduFocal Limited, Jamaica
  • Manuel Wiechers, Iluméxico, México
  • Wendy Ruiz, MILKnCOOKIES, Guatemala
  • Paula Dib, Transforma, Brazil
  • Andre Rock, CEDEL, Haiti
  • Marielle Barrow, Caribbean InTransit, Trinidad and Tobago

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