Business Forum

Date: Friday, 31 March

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Location: Comité Olímpico Paraguayo, Edificio Tricolor

The Business Forum “Latin America and the Caribbean: An agenda of growth and development,” to take place in parallel with the Annual Meetings of the Inter-American Development Bank and the Inter-American Investment Corporation, will bring together the region’s private sector leaders and high-level government officials who will analyze key issues for promoting sustained economic growth rooted in increased productivity.

Presenters will address the challenges and opportunities faced by the region in areas such as promoting food security and the development of agribusiness, stimulating qualified human capital formation and creating conditions to promote innovation and increased productivity, and the investment in the infrastructure needed to enhance competitive integration into the global economy.

During the forum, the Republic of Paraguay will also present its new country brand, as well as investment opportunities in a number of vibrant sectors of its economy. The forum will also provide an ideal venue for participants to interact, promoting the identification of business opportunities in the region and constructive dialogue between the public and private sectors on issues of mutual interest.

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