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V LAC Debt Group Thematic Workshop: Debt Sustainability and Debt Statistics

Date: 19 Oct 2009 to 20 Oct 2009

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Washington D.C. , United States

The V Thematic Workshop of the Latin American and Caribbean Public Debt Management Specialists (LAC Debt Group): “Impacts of the Financial Crisis on Debt Sustainability and Sovereign Debt Statistics”, that is being organized by the Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Division of the Inter-American Development Bank, will be held at the Inter-American Development Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C., on October 19th and 20th, 2009.

The workshop is intended for the Group of Latin American and the Caribbean Debt Management Specialists (LAC Debt Group) and will provide a venue for debt managers to share experiences and discuss the potential consequences of the crisis in their debt management strategies and debt sustainability, and the importance of debt statistics for debt composition analysis.

Sessions will include presentations and panel discussions with academics, former government authorities and financial specialists from the IDB and other organizations. Each session will conclude with a roundtable discussion, with the aim of encouraging active involvement of participants with regard to the experiences of their countries and their perspectives on the topics discussed.

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