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LAC Flavors 2013: a Buyers-Sellers Meeting, to be held in Granada, Nicaragua, July 25-26, 2013 is organized by the Official Investment and Export Promotion Agency of Nicaragua (ProNicaragua), the Superior Council of the Private Enterprise (COSEP), and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) via the Trade and Investment Unit (TIU) of the Integration and Trade Sector (INT), and the Country Department for Central America (CID), Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic, through its Mesoamerica Project.

LAC Flavors is an annual specialized business matchmaking meeting that brings together food exporters and international buyers to create new business opportunities. LAC Flavors 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 led to the generation of approximately US$21 million in business deals following more than 4,000 business meetings held during the events.

For LAC Flavors 2013, there will be a specially selected group of more than 50 buyers from North America, Europe and Asia, and more than 150 suppliers from Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Haiti with expertise in exporting to North America, Europe and Asia the following products: Vegetables and vegetable products, Fruits and fruit products, Sauces, condiments and seasonings, Herbs and spices, Cereals and bakery products, Nuts, nut products and seed, Meat and meat products, Dairy, egg and honey, Fish and fishery products, Fats and oils as well as products with specific qualities (certified organic, fair trade, rainforest alliance, gluten-free, etc).

During this two-day event, the participants will have the opportunity to meet with one another, based on their specific importing/exporting needs, via one-on-one business matchmaking meetings.

The representatives of the Export Promotion Agencies from all the countries mentioned above will also participate in the event.

Under the framework of LAC Flavors 2013, this year will take place on July 24, the first edition of TRADE IN ACTION: A WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR’S WORKSHOP that will bring together experts to help women-own business craft a competitive business strategy, guide them with practical tips for their unique businesses, and provide marketing ideas on how to make their product more competitive.

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