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Public-Private Dialogue on Trade Facilitation

Date: 30 Mar 2016 to 31 Mar 2016

Time: 8:00 AM

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Under the new global and regional integration architecture, trade facilitation has gained strategic importance in light of the fast changes in the global economy and the increasing fragmentation of production and integration into global value chains. Therefore, time and efficiency are and will become increasingly key factors that impact international trade and competitiveness.

In this sense, the Americas Business Dialogue presented to the Heads of State of the region -in the context of the II CEO Summit of the Americas-, a number of priority recommendations listed in its report “From Dialogue to Action: Policy Recommendations and Public-Private Partnership Proposals”, which includes “…work jointly with the private sector to ensure full and fast implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement in the region, prioritizing the implementation of the agreements on advance rulings; fees and charges; release and clearance of goods; and formalities connected with importation, exportation and transit; as well as close cooperation between border agencies to facilitate trade”.

Furthermore, some governments of the region adopted a joint declaration through which they expressed that they “attach great importance to the Trade Facilitation Agreement and consider its entry into force essential to enhance the competitiveness of the Americas in the global market place (…) [and] announced our intention to notify the WTO of each of our acceptances of the Trade Facilitation Agreement”.

Within this framework, the Ministry of Production of the Republic of Argentina, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Americas Business Dialogue, -a private sector driven initiative aimed at fostering a high level public-private policy dialogue among the business and government leaders of the region on the priorities, challenges, and opportunities for economic and social development-, are convening a Public-Private Dialogue on Trade Facilitation.

The meeting seeks to facilitate high-level public-private dialogue to promote early ratification of the Trade Facilitation Agreement, as well as to ensure its full and effective implementation. In this sense, it is crucial that the private and public sectors not only exchange experiences on ensuring safer and more agile trade, but also that the dialogue identifies regional and global best practices to ensure a real impact on reducing time and costs associated with foreign trade transactions.

The event is being organized in the context of the Inter-American Network of Trade Single Windows (Red VUCE). The Red VUCE emerges as an initiative of the countries of the region with the objective of promoting trade facilitation, as well as improving and reducing time and costs associated with foreign trade transactions.

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