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Climate Risk and Investment: Framing Private Challenges and Opportunities

Date: 20 Apr 2017

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Andres Bello, IDB headquarters, Washington DC, United States

WEBSITE (http://www.proadapt.org/)

International agreement to reduce of global greenhouse gas emissions is too late to prevent many of the destabilizing planetary changes that are already underway. In each of the last three years the Earth has reached highest temperature on record and escalating climate risks act as a threat multiplier facing private and public actors everywhere. Flooding, drought, heat waves, cyclonic winds, wildfires and invasive pests threaten property, organizational continuity, livelihoods and global water and food security across the globe.  These risks threaten the value of private and public property and may ultimately strand assets in coastal infrastructure, real estate, agriculture, and hydroelectric production among several other asset classes.

The market currently produces many climate resilient solutions. These include a wide range of products and services that help buyers to better manage or transfer their exposure to climate risks. While not accounted for using climate–related terminology, these solutions respond to a growing need for greater water efficiency, accurate climate data, analytics and modeling, adaptive flood control, resilience in the built environment, drought resistant agriculture among many of other products and services.

However, far greater private sector investment will be needed to build climate resilience across economies.  Several factors continue to impede private action, including uncertainties over the timing of climate risks, a lack of practical climate data, few metrics for physical risks, an unclear financial case for resilience investments and a shortage of attractive investment opportunities. Moreover, while policy and regulatory frameworks often incent emissions reductions through clean technology and energy efficiency programs, there is far less support for private climate resilience.

Please join thought leaders and practitioners for a discussion of common challenges and emerging investment opportunities in climate resilience on   in the conference, Climate Risk and Investment: Framing Private Challenges and Opportunities. Topics will include examples of resilience investments in selected sectors, evolving investment instruments, models and metrics, developments in climate resilience data, analytics and entrepreneurship, among other issues.  This event is organized by Proadapt, a program of the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank, in partnership with the Nordic Development Fund. Proadapt promotes private sector climate resilience in smaller firms, new knowledge and models and related business and investment opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

For more information and to express interest in attending, please contact Steven Wilson at Proadapt@fomin.org

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