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EconNet: Netflix o agricultura?

Fecha: 29 jun 2017

Horario: 12:00

Ubicación: 1300 New York Ave., NW, Washington DC - Sala SE-1035, Estados Unidos de América


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Título: Netflix o agricultura?
Orador:  Frank Schilbach (MIT)

Resumen (en inglés): New technologies allow to collect and disseminate much more localized agricultural information to farmers. A social planner would invest in knowledge generation if the sum of the benefits to all agents exceeds the cost. However, decentralized markets may not yield the socially optimal outcome, due to the non-rivalry of knowledge and other distortion in information markets. We discuss implications for the types of institutions that might be appropriate and the potential for mobile-phone based agricultural extension to provide localized or personalized information tailored to farm and farmer characteristics. In particular, we discuss the possibility of a "Netflix for Agriculture" in which farmers would provide information on their experiences with different inputs and farm practices, knowing that this would allow the system to make better recommendations for them, which would in turn improve the performance of the system in offering recommendations to other farmers. We examine the case of information on local soil chemistry, which may be relevant for agricultural decisions. We find that soil type in Western Kenya is spatially correlated and that many farmers are willing to pay for information on the results of soil tests on nearby farms, and that some farmers change input use in response to this information. We argue that zero or negative pricing for such services is likely statically and dynamically optimal. Moreover, because knowledge about such systems in a global public good, it may make sense to subsidize contract farming organizations and governments that create such systems in exchange for transparency about the operations of the system and conducting and releasing the results of evaluations of overall system impact and the impact of A/B trials designed to improve the system.

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