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IDB’s Leadership in Diversity Conference

Date: 19 Nov 2009 to 20 Nov 2009

Time: 8:00 AM

Location: Washington, D.C., United States

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Setting the Tone from the Top 
Opening Remarks by President Luis Alberto Moreno | Press Release

In its 50th year, the IDB launches an event to celebrate the diversity of the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region. Partners, country and HQ employees and an array of external diversity experts will meet to share best practices and guide future action. They will analyze how to increase under-represented groups’ access to staff positions and to IDB’s finance mechanisms. Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the IDB, will open the conference. A key note speaker will highlight hot issues, followed by a question and answer session. Four hand-picked diversity experts from academia, civil society and the private sector will deliver thought-provoking remarks. An open debate will ensure that participants’ voices are heard.

In the afternoon of 19 November and the next morning, a dozen thematic roundtables on either human resources or field operations will discuss and identify proposals. Such recommendations could trigger new initiatives and partnerships while enhancing IDB’s efforts for transparency and accountability in the diversity field.

To ensure a broad public participation and innovative recommendations from the LAC region IDB seeks input to the conference roundtables via social on-line networks such as Facebook. A jury will select the best proposals for immediate follow-up by IDB. Winning proposals will be presented on the IDB website and in online networks.

Sharing best practices, learning about diversity and networking will be among the benefits for the conference participants. From the event IDB expects to gain much insight into diversity challenges and opportunities - and useful marching orders.

Contact person: Gry Tina Tinde, Diversity Advisor

Video: Yanire Braña, Gry Tina Tinde y Adriá Armbrister, saludan a los participantes del debate sobre inclusión y diversidad en el BID

Video: Yanire Braña ofrece comentarios finales sobre este tema desde la perspectiva de la comunicación organizacional

At-a-glance [ see schedule for details ]
All sessions are on Thursday Nov 19 from 2:45 – 5:00  and include coffee break

Guidance for roundtable participants:

  • Each group will agree on concrete ideas/proposals to be presented to the Diversity Proposals Jury by 5 p.m. Of all proposals from the 13 roundtables 10 will be selected for IDB follow-up and announced in an award ceremony during lunch Friday Nov 20. In Nov 2010 the Diversity Proposals Jury will publicly present a progress report on the 10 proposals.
  • Ideas for proposals have been solicited from the public via a Facebook discussion. These ideas will be integrated into the discussion. Remember: The better the proposal, the higher the chances of being selected for implementation!
Note: All sessions are from 2:45 – 5:00 Room Capacity
1. IDB’s Policy on Gender Equality in Development – Delivering results | Presentation CR 301 25
2. Breaking down walls, cracking ceilings: Rethinking boundaries of race and gender for African-descendants CR 200 25
3. Values Added – Indigenous peoples and workplace diversity SE 605
4. Identidad individual y colectiva
Enrique V. Iglesias
5. Women’s innovative entrepreneurship and empowerment in Latin America and the Caribbean CR 300 25
6. Moving up the corporate, international and political ladder: Women’s leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean SE 905 22
7. Social media: Making the world a better place or furthering existing inequalities?
SW 211 26
8. Leveling the playing field at home and in the office - Men’s work-life balance CR 201 25
9. Talent identification and succession planning – Ensuring Diversity
NW 405 18
10. Women mean business – What’s in it for women and men alike? (Professional Women’s Network) Andres Bello 4,
IDB bldg 9th floor
11. Flexible work arrangements – A win-win situation (Staff Association)
Andres Bello 5,
IDB bldg 9th floor
12. Pushing the envelope – Diversity and inclusion policies in human resources SE 745 22
13. Thriving at work – how to prevent harassment and abuse in the workplace NE 719 22

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