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Cultural Center Exhibition: V Inter-American Biennial of Video Art

Date: 02 Dec 2010 to 28 Jan 2011

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Washington DC, United States

Updated:  December 2010 
See Information Bulletin No. 117 | Bilingual catalogue

Inter-American Development Bank Cultural Center Competition and Exhibition

Winners and Selected Videos

The Fifth Edition of the Inter-American Biennial of Video Art will open at the Gallery of the IDB Cultural Center, in Washington, featuring 20 videos from 13 countries selected from among 223 entries from 20 countries, including Puerto Rico. This year, the Biennial celebrates its first decade of existence.

In the words of the IDB Cultural Center Director and creator of the Biennial, Felix Angel, “The Inter-American Biennial of Video Art is probably the only video biennial that exists at the hemispheric level and operates under an open call instead of through preselected entries under a rigid curatorial framework. This is an important distinction that has become part of the Biennial’s character. Aside from the cash awards and honorable mentions awarded by an international jury to encourage those artists whose work appears most innovative and progressive, the Biennial´s openness and inclusivity gives opportunities to many video artists in the region to be appreciated by a wide range of publics.”

The winning entries and their video artists of this year edition are:

•  First Prize of US$4,000 to the video “Faber,” by Boris David Franco Navarrete, of Chile.  From beginning to end, this work develops with the majesty and unity of a symphony in which images and sound dialogue in perfect rhythmic alternation. The theme, rooted in global philosophical and religious traditions, is treated with elegance and beauty.

• Second Prize of US$3,000 to the video “Between My Hands,” by Alexandre Braga Brandão, of Brazil. Exactly as if interrogating a tarot card reader, the viewer of “Between My Hands” is offered many reading keys: from an elaborated obsession reminiscent of contemporary times, to the casualness of outcomes in confrontations, to the anxiety of a growing technological world, all “packaged” in a rich, compelling and fresh visual game. The video is in a constant state of evolution and change. It shows a journey from the playful to the violent, passing through the distortion of technology, the symbolism of material culture, and its impact in our society.

• Third Prize of US$2,000 to the video “Vigilantes (Museum Guards),” by Benjamín López Alcántara, of Mexico. This is either a pointed criticism of the indifference of security personnel in museums, or a disillusioned reflection on the appeal of contemporary art in (Latin American) society. Are they sad guardians of abandoned empty ships, or are the artworks on display no more than imperfections in the drywall? With a terse and sophisticated language, “Vigilantes” cries, “The king is naked!” defying any taboo of solidarity in the “intellectual” world while showing the pathetic humanity of art’s guardians.

• Honorable Mention of US$1,000 to the video “Aún aquí (Still Here),” by Paulina Alicia del Paso Gordillo, of Mexico.  Impeccable and elegant, “Aún aquí” collects, with full hands and clear awareness, visual and literary memorabilia, adding layer after layer of reference to the eternal discourse of “staying,” no matter what. It explores the magical and apocalyptic relations we experience in Latin American urban spaces.

• Honorable Mention of US$1,000 to the video “Se me pergunto, por quê meus lábios negam respostas? (I Ask Myself, Why Do My Lips Refuse to Answer?)” by Joacélio Batista de Sousa Da Silva, of Brazil. “I Ask Myself, Why Do My Lips Refuse to Answer” walks a fine line between whimsical and grotesque. Trapped in the vertigo of a nightmare and the elation of a waltz, the possibility of escape through a verbal relationship with another human being is denied in a crescendo of claustrophobia.

The entire list of selected videos, including those receiving awards and honorable mentions is as follows, in alphabetical order by country:

1. El Capital , 2009
(Das Kapital/The Capital)
Marcello Rubén Mercado Romano

2. Se me pergunto, por quê meus lábios negam respostas? , 2010
(I Ask Myself, Why Do My Lips Refuse to Answer?)
Joacélio Batista Da Silva de Sousa

3. So Far Away . . . So Close , 2010
(Tan lejos . . . Tan cerca)
Tina Velho (Teresa Cristina Balthazar Pacheco Velho)

4. Between My Hands , 2010
(Entre mis manos)
Alexandre Braga Brandão

5. Faber , 2009
Boris David Franco Navarrete (Siro)

6. Instrucciones de uso , 2009
(Instructions for Use)
José Antonio Pedreros Prado

7. Aia , 2009
Valentina Serrati Sisa

8. Country Trademark (National Brand) , 2009
(Marca Nacional Registrada)
Andrés Felipe Uribe Cárdenas

9. Movimiento 0.1, Imaginación 2.5 , 2010
(Movement 0.1, Imagination 2.5)
Raquel Solórzano Cataño

10. Comienza un buen día , 2010
(A Good Day Begins)
Samanta Andrea Duque Posada

Dominican Republic
11. Inmutando , 2010
Citlally Miranda Pérez

12. Qué tan lejos está el triunfo de la voluntad , 2009
(How Far Away Is the Triumph of the Will)
Ilich Bladimir Castillo Vera

13. Natural-Intervenciones plásticas , 2009
(Natural - Plastic Interventions)
Rodolfo Miguel Walsh Baeza

14. Número uno , 2010
(Number One)
Francisco Javier Ventura Reyes

15. Vigilantes , 2010
(Museum Guards)
Benjamín López Alcántara

16. Aún aquí , 2010
(Still Here)
Paulina Alicia del Paso Gordillo

17. La espera , 2010
(The Wait)
Julio César Martínez Malqui

Puerto Rico
18. Generating a Paradise , 2010
(Iluminando un paraíso)
Carlos M. Ruiz-Valarino Rodríguez

19. Our Last Hero , 2010
(Nuestro último héroe)
Carlos M. Ruiz-Valarino Rodríguez

20. Primera lección de vuelo – Aeropuerto Tempelhof, Berlin , 2010
(First Flying Lesson – Tempelhof Airport, Berlin)
Marco Antonio Montiel Soto

Updated: November 2009

Inter-American Development Bank Cultural Center Competition and Exhibition

The Cultural Center of the Inter-American Development Bank announces the call for the V Inter-American Biennial of Video Art to be held in December 2010 at the IDB Cultural Center Art Gallery in Washington, D.C. The exhibition will be presented in 2011 at the Istituto Italo-Latinoamericano in Rome, the Santafe de Bogota’s International Film Festival, the Loop Festival in Barcelona, the Centro Eduardo León Jimenes in the Dominican Republic, etc. as well as in all organizations subscribed to the international circuit (25) in various countries of the region. A catalogue in English, Spanish and Italian with all selected entries and biographies of   participating artists will be produced.

Objectives: The objectives of the Biennial are to: 1) stimulate the creative use of video, and encourage the Latin American and Caribbean artists to use their abilities to formulate original and imaginative proposals with the help of video technology; and 2) broaden the discussion of factors that affect the social, cultural and economic environments of Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Awards: First Prize will be US$4,000; Second Prize will be US$3,000; Third Prize will be US$ 2,000; and two Honorable Mentions will receive US$1,000 each. Videos that win prizes and honorable mentions will automatically be included in the exhibition. The exhibition in all venues of the international circuit will include all videos selected for the exhibition in Washington, D.C.


  1. The competition is open to all artists who are citizens of Latin American and Caribbean member countries of the IDB:  Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay and Venezuela (for more information, access www.iadb.org).
  2. Videos must be no less than one minute and no more than five minutes in duration.
  3. Videos must have been made in or after January 2009. Artists must own the rights to the videos.
  4. Videos may be made using any technique, but they must be submitted to the competition in DVD compatible with US technology.
  5. The IDB Cultural Center will appoint a jury to award prizes and honorable mentions, and to select works for the exhibition.

Registration and submission of videos
1) Each participant must register at the IDB Cultural Center prior to the shipment of the video, filling out the electronic application, which will be available from November 30, 2009 at the following URL address:

English http://www.iadb.org/topics/culture/cultural/videoArte/form.cfm?language=English 
Spanish http://www.iadb.org/topics/culture/cultural/videoArte/form.cfm?lang=es&id=cult
French http://www.iadb.org/topics/culture/cultural/videoArte/form.cfm?lang=fr&id=cult
Portuguese http://www.iadb.org/topics/culture/cultural/videoArte/form.cfm?lang=pt&id=cult

Incomplete applications or videos that do not comply with the regulations may be disqualified. Videos received without previous registration are not eligible for competition. The IDB Cultural Center is not responsible for videos lost in the mail.

2) The deadline for submission of videos is July 31, 2010. Artists selected will be notified by e-mail. Videos will not be returned. The IDB Cultural Center reserves the right to use the selected videos in any way it deems fit for promotion of the event, giving the proper credit.

3) Videos must be delivered in a sealed envelope to the IDB Country Office in each country, addressed to the IDB Cultural Center in Washington, D.C., V Inter-American Biennial of Video Art, or via any certified air delivery service (courier, DHL, FEDEX) to the attention of: Félix Angel, Cultural Center, Inter-American Development Bank, 1300 New York Avenue NW, Stop W 220, Washington D.C., 20577. Do not use regular air mail since the videos will be damaged by U.S. post office biohazard procedures.

4) Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these rules. For more information about the IDB Cultural Center and its programs, phone: (202) 623 3774, or visit: www.iadb.org/cultural

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Cultural Center  
1300 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC  20577 - Tel. 202 623  3774
E-mail: idbcc@iadb.org | www.iadb.org/cultural

For information about the IDB visit: www.iadb.org

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Country Offices

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