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The Sustainability of Urban Heritage Preservation

Date: 23 Sep 2010 to 24 Sep 2010

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Washington, D.C., United States

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) actively supports Latin American and Caribbean governments in their efforts to preserve and develop urban heritage areas. To ensure the success of these efforts, the Bank encourages public leadership for the preservation process with the involvement of all social actors interested to ensure support and bring in more resources. The promotion of private investment in urban heritage areas is considered essential to enhance the long-term sustainability of the preservation process. Factors that affect the outcome of the process include: the quality and variety of amenities offered by the historic center to residents and business, the valuation of its heritage assets by the community, the implementation of effective interventions to mitigate the negative social and environmental impacts of the preservation and development process, and the effectiveness of government institutions devoted to the promotion and regulation of the preservation and development of urban heritage.

The Bank undertakes multiple activities in support of urban heritage preservation, including the provision of investment loans and reimbursable and nonreimbursable technical cooperation. The IDB also organizes policy debates, seminars, and technical exchanges among cities, and issues technical publications. The objective of the present seminar on the Sustainability of the Rehabilitation of Urban Heritage is to increase available knowledge on factors contributing to the long-term sustainability of urban heritage preservation efforts. In particular, the seminar seeks to expand the understanding of the economic aspects of sustainable preservation. It is expected that the results of this event will contribute to improve the overall effectiveness of urban heritage efforts in the Latin American and Caribbean region, as well as in other regions around the world.

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