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Labor Markets and Social Security Policy Dialogue: Options to increase coverage of Social Security in Latin America and the Caribbean

Date: 06 Apr 2011 to 08 Apr 2011

Time: 8:15 AM

Location: Washington, DC, United States

The issues of social security coverage and labor market performance affecting Latin America and the Caribbean are closely related and need to be analyzed together. Social security coverage, for example, is limited by low formality levels and high job turnover. On the other hand, a poorly designed social security system may generate distortions that prevent the labor market from operating efficiently, which in turn generates low levels of formality.

For the reasons mentioned above, the newly-formed Labor Markets and Social Security Unit (LMK) of the Social Sector will launch the Labor Markets and Social Security Network witihn the framework of the IDB´s Regional Policy Dialogue in Washington, DC. The event will take place from on April 6-8, 2011. This first event with the authorities will identify points of mutual agreement and interest in order to contribute to the governmental decision making processes and the facilitation of regional cooperation.

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