Civil Society

Seminar: The IDB, civil society, and governments: Creating new opportunities for collaboration
Date: Friday, 16 March (5:00 p.m. a 6:30 p.m.)
Location: Solis Theater, Bartolomé Room

Meeting room | Work spaces: During the meeting, the IDB will provide a meeting room for the exclusive use of CSOs, which will be equipped with a computer, Internet access, printer, and telephone. The room is located at the Hotel Holiday Inn – 10th Floor - Sala Madrid (H-1001).

Distribution of materials: CSOs may exhibit any materials they wish to disseminate on a table provided by the IDB for that purpose. No printed matter may be posted anywhere at the meeting site.

Participation in the Annual Meeting is by invitation. Civil society organizations (CSOs) interested in participating in the 2012 Annual Meeting must request an invitation from the Secretary of the Bank, by sending an e-mail to The request should include a brief description of the organization, a brief explanation of the CSO's interest in participating, a copy of its charter, a copy of its financial statements, and the names of the members of its board of directors. The deadline for CSOs to request an invitation is 17 February 2012. The final list of participants from each country will be authorized by the respective Executive Director.

While there is no cost for registering, CSOs are responsible for all their expenses.

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