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Regional Panel on Water and Climate Change

Date: 24 Aug 2011

Time: 2:00 PM

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Increased variability in traditional climate patterns, in time and space, is exacerbating existing pressures on water resources in the Americas. The broad effects of these changes include extreme hydro-meteorological events, but also the impacts on people’s everyday lives and livelihoods. It should thus be highlighted that water is not a sector, but a crosscutting resource, to be considered as a core element of adaptation policies. Developing these policies to fully consider the diverse impacts of climate change on water resources will help to reduce their intensity, but there is a need to define what constitutes "good water-based adaptation", based on the analysis of the experiences from the region. The seminar will provide a platform for relevant experiences and the lessons learned in implementing them to be shared, taken from the Water and Adaptation: Actions in the Americas (WaterAAA) inventory.

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