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Regional Policy Dialogue: Energy Network "Fundamentals of Regional Power Integration"

Date: 28 Nov 2011 to 29 Nov 2011

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: Miami, United States

The Inter-American Development Bank is hosting the 1st Meeting of the Energy Network of the Regional Policy Dialogue: Fundamentals of Regional Power Integration, to be held on November 28 this year in Miami, United States of America.

The network extends this invitation to the Deputy Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, senior government officials or the representative designated by the Energy Ministers of the countries within the region to promote the exchange of knowledge, experiences and lessons learned as well as provide opportunities for collaboration to address common challenges facing the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean in terms of regional integration. The program includes, among other things, the introduction of the Energy Network, which will consist of deputy ministers or officials of equivalent rank, responsible for the design of energy policies in Latin America and the Caribbean. This network provides a forum for policy dialogue and strategic analysis on more efficient use of natural resources and energy production in the region, featuring high-level government officials and specialists from the IDB. In particular, the network seeks to contribute to the dialogue on energy policy and institutional strengthening, in order to promote market structures capable of sustaining a greater regional energy trade.

The Network concentrates on three basic topics: (i) physical infrastructure and the balance between national security of supply and regional efficiency of energy supply in regional energy integration processes; (ii) institutional development and strengthening, including the case for situation-made institutions and their role and limitations for future infrastructure expansion or development; and (iii) market’s regulation, particularly the needs and extent of regulatory development and compatibility to allow regional energy exchanges.

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