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The Multilateral Investment Fund (FOMIN) of the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB) and the Ministry of Coordination of Production, Employment of Competitiveness of Ecuador are organizing the CSRAmericas 2012 - Inter-American Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, which will take place in Quito, Ecuador from May 21 to 23, 2012.

The CSRAmericas is the leading venue for responsible corporate practices in Latin America and the Caribbean and seeks to foster a sustainable and equitable development in the region. Each year CSRAmericas attracts over 1,000 participants from leading businesses, governments and civil society organizations from over 35 countries. For the last eight years CSRAmericas has served as a forum to exchange innovative trends and craft practical approaches for business competitiveness.

Where leaders across sectors meet

The Conference offers a meeting platform to network and create partnerships across sectors. Many of its participants recognize CSRAmericas as the main yearly event to meet these objectives. Conference participants include representatives from:

  •  Multinational corporations
  • Civil society organizations
  • Private sector associations
  • NGOs and their networks
  • Social responsibility investors
  • Chambers of commerce


  • Governmental institutions
  • Regulating institutions
  • Consulting firms 
  • Multilateral organizations
  • Universities and research entities


Since the first Conference in 2002, the event has evolved into one of the main and most successful mechanisms, and has grown to  support efficiently responsible practices to create wealth and employment in local communities as well as raise awareness about environmental care. Experience shows that having CSR as a strategic part of business, increases productivity and competitiveness for the company.

Many business have positioned their responsible practices as a coherent part of their business strategy and have achieved numerous benefits , such as improving their productivity, competitiveness, enhancing access to basic goods and services, improving the qualifications of the labor force and developing new business opportunities among other possibilities.

Structure and content

CSRAmericas is a three day event and includes plenary and paralel sessions as well as institutional presentations. The content of the event and the topics are defined by an Advisory Board and MIF/IDB Specialists, taking into account suggestions from the local counterpart and the participants from past events. Moreover, CSRAmericas annually launches a Call for proposals for organizations and companies interested in sharing their experiences during the event.



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