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About San Salvador, El Salvador
The name El Salvador refers to the belief that the greatest gift that God gave to the world was his son, “El Salvador del Mundo (Savior of the World)”, who is also the patron saint of the city. Its capital, San Salvador, is located 658 meters above sea level, and is the most populated city in the country, nearly one fourth of the country’s total population.

The Republic of El Salvador is the country with the smallest area in the Central American isthmus. It has been named the “Country of Lakes and Volcanoes” for its beautiful rugged nature, and is also known as the “Country of Smiles”, because of the warmth and hospitality of its people. The country is divided into 14 departments and 262 municipalities, and is composed of valleys, plains, volcanoes, a flat coastal zone, a mountain chain, and a coastline along the Pacific. Thanks to the small size of its territory, one can enjoy warm beaches with volcanic sand in one department, and the breath-taking mountains of another, all in a single day.

El Salvador International Airport
The El Salvador International Airport (IATA; SAL) is located 50 kilometers from San Salvador in the city of San Luis Talpa, about 45 minutes away from the location of the event. The tickets issued to travel to El Salvador already include in the price the airport exit tax.

Casual attire is recommended for the conference and more elegant attire for the evening events. Remember that the temperature in the conference rooms may vary. In the evenings the temperature drops a bit, so we recommend a jacket, a sweater or a shawl.

October is the last month of the rainy season, and the weather is generally warm with an average temperature of 24.5 ° C (76° F). We suggest that you visit the following page to check out the weather:

The official currency of El Salvador is the US dollar. Exchanging foreign currency can be done in banks and in hotels.

Most electrical appliances do not need adapters because electrical outlets generally accept both 110 and 220 volts. However, take the precaution to verify the accepted voltage with items such as hair dryers, electric razors, battery chargers, notebooks, video cameras, etc. Make sure to bring adapters for electrical outlets with round holes.

Health and Travel Insurance
The IBD is neither responsible for the health or travel insurance of participants, nor for theft or personal accidents. We recommend that participants take the proper precautions, and we suggest that participants inform themselves regarding travel insurance.

Health Requirements
El Salvador suggests that visitors be vaccinated against Yellow Fever ten days prior to their visit.

The XII IDB- Civil Society Meeting will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Food will be provided. Guests staying at the hotel will be responsible for personal expenses: phone calls, room service, laundry, mini bar, and other personal expenses.

Language and Interpretation;
Spanish is the official language of El Salvador. However, in some interior regions, parts of the indigenous population continue to speak náhuatl.  English is also widely spoken.

There will be simultaneous translation of English to Spanish and vice versa during all sessions of the event; except during social occasions.

The XII IBD- Civil Society Meeting is a green event. At registration, participants will receive an information packet. We invite participants to visit this website to access the presentations and information from the event.

We recommend that participants take proper precautions as they would anywhere else. For example: use the safes in your hotel room to keep your valuables and important documents; do not leave expensive electronics in plain sight; and only use official or recommended taxi services.

The VAT (value-added tax) is 13% of consumption, purchases, or services.

The official time zone in El Salvador is GMT-6, six hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

The cost of travelling to the XII IDB- Civil Society Meeting, whether by plane or ground transportation, will be the responsibility of each participant.

For security reasons, we recommend that participants only use the taxi services located in the airport and in the hotels.

The necessity of a visa depends on the country of origin of the participant. Since 2005, El Salvador has been a member of the CONVENTION OF THE CREATION OF A SINGLE CENTRAL-AMERICAN VISA. The kind of visa to enter El Salvador or another member of the Ca-4 depends on the type of passport that the petitioner possesses.

Please consult the nearest consulate:

Host Country

Event's Venue

Crowne Plaza San Salvador
89 Ave. Norte
y 11 Calle Poniente 
San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel. (503) 21337000

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