Fernando Llort

The logo of the XII Reunion IDB- Civil Society was designed by Mr. Fernando Llort. The elements that comprise the art are: the tree (Ceiba), symbol of abundance and village social-life; the bird, symbol of peace and dialogue; and the sun, a symbol of diversity with its multi-colored rays.

Fernando Llort is an El Salvadorian artist, sculptor, muralist, composer, and a promoter of development and peace. From his studio in La Palma called the “Seed of God”, Llort has created a unique and universal artistic style that surpasses the limits of the artistic world. His art is characterized by vibrant colors, religious symbols, and fantastic elements that seek to convey to the spectator an idea of liberty, peace, and dialogue.

His drawings are reproduced in various forms by local artisans, and in doing so, Llort shares the success and popularity of his art with the people in his town, and contributes directly to the well-being of the El Salvadorian people. He received the honored distinction of Hijo Meritísimo de El Salvador for his advancement of the artistic identity of El Salvador, and for his distinguished artistic and humanist accomplishments.

Llort has participated in many individual and collective exhibitions worldwide, and has won recognition in countries such as the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, and other Central and South American nations.

Host Country

Event's Venue

Crowne Plaza San Salvador
89 Ave. Norte
y 11 Calle Poniente 
San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel. (503) 21337000

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