Meeting Point (Sala Jade)

This is a designated space for participants where they can meet people, share information, organize meetings, and get to know other organizations. Here participants will find tables where they can distribute information to other organizations.

Also available at the Meeting Point are Message Boards where participants can suggest topics of interest.  Computers with internet access will be provided at the Meeting Point.

BID Comunidades ¡XII Reunión BID-Sociedad Civil Virtual!

We have created a space where all of the participants of the XII IDB Meeting Civil Society and the IDB team can collaborate. To encourage interaction, the community gives participants the opportunity: to network; share questions, answers, and comments; and give information regarding content, presentations, and methodology. Sign in here.

Social Media - Interact Online

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Host Country

Event's Venue

Crowne Plaza San Salvador
89 Ave. Norte
y 11 Calle Poniente 
San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel. (503) 21337000

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