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Second Meeting of the Regional Policy Dialogue's Transport Network

Date: 17 Oct 2012 to 18 Oct 2012

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Miami, United States

As a way to provide a mechanism for dialogue among key decision makers of the region, the Bank has created the Transport Network. This network seeks to promote a horizontal exchange of information, knowledge, experiences and lessons learned as well as providing opportunities for collaboration to address common challenges the countries of the region are facing in terms of transport infrastructure.

The Network is composed of Permanent Secretaries, senior government officials or their designated representative of the Ministries of Transport of the 26 countries of the region. On the one hand, the network will provide policy advice on planning, design, implementation and operation of transport projects, and on the other hand, seek mechanisms to strengthen the institutional capacity of regional actors.

In 2012, the network organizes its second meeting, which will focus on air transport. Air transport plays a vital role in economic development in all countries. In the Region, passenger numbers are growing faster than the world average and air freight has also steadily increased its volume in recent years. Some countries in the region depend heavily on air transport for international trade and many of them face regulatory and institutional changes that will re-shape the sector in the following years.

For more information please contact:

Reinaldo Fioravanti - reinaldof@iadb.org



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