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Promoting effective climates for innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean

Date: 19 Jul 2012

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: San José Marriott Hotel, San José California, United States

The Competitiveness and Innovation Division at the IDB is organizing this event as a one day open table discussion on innovation climate. We see this as an opportunity to work collectively on the hypothesis that - in order for innovation and high-impact entrepreneurship to flourish in a given context - we may need to rethink traditional business environment considerations and isolated innovation incentives, because a new global context for business growth has been made possible by recent evolutions in technology. This could imply changes to business culture, public policy and program design, and private sector practices. This meeting is part of a process in which we will explore the general hypothesis and the main implications with the participation of a mix of entrepreneurs, academics and public officials. We believe this is a very important discussion for Latin American and Caribbean economies.

This meeting, which is a part of our Regional Policy Dialogue Innovation series, has been timed to coincide with the Global Innovation Summit, which will take place in San Jose, California, July 16th through the 18th, 2012. By now you should have received an invitation to the Summit directly from its organizers. Our hope is that the Latin American and Caribbean participants could stay one extra day so that we can address the issue of how to promote better innovation climate in light of the content of this interesting event, which the IDB is supporting through different channels.

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