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Strategy, Applications and Case Studies of Water Resources and Climate Adaptation

Date: 27 Sep 2012

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Washington D.C., United States

The focus of the seminar “Strategy, Applications and Case Studies of Water Resources and Climate Adaptation” to be held in Washington D.C. on September 27, 2012, will be the presentation of four case studies in the Latin America and Caribbean region in the frame of the Bank's recently developed strategy for water resources and climate adaptation. During this event, this strategy will be shared, as well as some ongoing implementation examples associated with the Bank’s Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative. The seminar will bring together a diverse range of government representatives, experts and regional practitioners and aims to promote a lively discussion of the experiences of the case studies from the practitioners’ and the government representatives’ perspectives. This opportunity will allow for a deeper understanding of the issues and challenges involved with water and climate adaptation and hopefully will provide the participants with the necessary knowledge and instruments to incorporate adaptation to climate into their respective water strategies and projects.

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