The Meeting Point is the appropriate place for networking and making business deals. You can look for interesting people to meet, and pre-organize all your meetings on line before or during Foromic.
The Meeting Point is sponsored by CI Banco.

Participants will have the opportunity to receive first-hand information on new technologies, business development programs, financing and consulting services from providers of services and products for the development of micro and small enterprises.
The Exhibition Center is sponsored by CAME.

Business Center
The Business Center will offer communication services during the XVI Foromic. Computers and Internet services will be available at no cost to all participants.
The Business Center is sponsored by Hewlett-Packard.

Handicraft Fair
The National Microenterprise Financing Program (PRONAFIM), in an effort to promote and strengthen employment and entrepreneurship, holds the Microenterprise Promotion Project. This initiative is focused on identifying new and existing platforms for its beneficiaries to promote and market their products. This initiative also brings them closer to financing and market development opportunities.
With the support of institutions and organizations associated to PRONAFIM, a comprehensive database of 150 artisans was put together to include entrepreneurs who excel in their areas by manufacturing products worth disseminating in printed and electronic media as well as showcasing their products at events. Out of the 150 microentrepreneurs, PRONAFIM selected some who will showcase and market their products at Foromic 2013.
The Handicraft Fair is sponsored by PRONAFIM.

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