The agenda has been designed in collaboration with the Civil Society Consulting Groups (ConSOC) to reflect the diversity of interests of CSOs in an inclusive and participatory way. This forum will provide the experience and expertise of distinguished speakers from the civil society, the IDB, Scholars, Community Leaders, entrepreneurs, generating an enriching dialogue on the following topics.

  • Sports as a means of social inclusion
  • Inclusion and integration for people with different capacities
  • Gender Inclusion: changes of paradigms
  • Inclusion in education through civil society
  • Transversal use of technologies as a catalyst for inclusion and development
  • Citizen security: civil society participation and good practices
  • Transparency of civil society organizations: advances and benefits
  • Economic and social development: construction of job capacity in vulnerable communities
  • Civil society's role in the process of development and integration of Latin America and the Caribbean: challenges, problems and opportunities
  • Solutions from civil society for climate change

Event's Venue

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