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Community Colleges: A Good Model for LAC?

Date: 06 Nov 2013 to 07 Nov 2013

Time: 8:30 AM

Location: Washington, United States

Background: Partially fuelled by increasing enrollment and graduation rates in secondary school, LAC countries are facing a high social demand for the expansion and diversification of quality post-secondary education opportunities. The demand boom encouraged a notable growth in the number of private universities and higher education institutions of varied quality. Such expansion in the post-secondary education systems in LAC has brought important challenges such as, students graduate with insufficient skills to succeed in traditional universities and in the labor market, high dropout rates during the first years of post-secondary education, unequal opportunities to access higher education among youth from lower income families and a growing need for monitoring quality and reforming accreditation systems.

Objectives: The objective of this Regional Political Dialogue is to bring together key stakeholders from the community colleges systems in the U.S. and policy makers and representatives of the higher education systems in Latin America in order to i) exchange lessons from the experience of community colleges; ii) discuss their central role in expanding job oriented post-secondary education opportunities in the U.S.; iii) learn from their strengths and challenges; and iv) discuss their potential contribution in addressing the skills gap in today’s Latin American economies and the challenges that the Higher Education Systems in the Region are facing today.

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