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Impact of Renewable Energies in Electric Markets in Latin America

Date: 21 Nov 2013 to 22 Nov 2013

Time: 8:00 AM

Location: San Salvador, El Salvador

The Third Meeting of the Regional Policy Dialogue (RPD) will be held on November 21 and 22, 2013 in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador. The Energy Network for the Dialogue involves deputy ministers or officials of equivalent rank, who are responsible for energy policy design in Latin America and the Caribbean. This network provides an opportunity for policy dialogue and strategic analysis related to a more efficient use of natural resources and energy production in the region. Specifically, the purpose of the network is to contribute to the debate on energy policy and institutional strengthening, in order to promote market structures capable of supporting a greater and more sustainable local and regional energy trade. Given the opinions expressed by the members in previous Dialogue sessions; this year’s topic will be focused on the Impact of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies in Electric Markets in Latin America, from dispatch to long-term integration. Energy systems and their associated planning models have been designed according to a traditional energy supply model based on centralized generation and fossil fuels or traditional renewables (mainly hydro from large dams in the Latin American context) that gradually has been configured and adapted to changes and needs of the electricity demand side. With the advent of non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE), mainly motivated by environmental pressures, climate change, instability and volatility of fossil fuel prices for power generation, a new player with particular properties appears on the electricity sector: variable and decentralized renewable resources. The question that energy planning authorities then need to ask themselves is, firstly, if the presence of this new player in the energy sector necessarily implies a review of current planning systems and models, especially those dealing with the long term, and secondly, if the optimal expansion plans of electricity transmission and generation systems in the region can still be considered as “optimal” in light of new criteria, concerns and circumstances of a new modern electricity market. The event will feature presentations and panels with international experts on the subject, country representatives and experts from the IDB.

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