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"Quality of Life - Partnerships for a Positive Impact"
Location: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Hotel Pestana Bahia


About the event

IDB - Civil Society Forum "Quality of Life - Partnerships for a Positive Impact"

Given the interest and high level of participation by civil society organizations (CSOs) at IDB-Civil Society meetings and forums, this year, the IDB is sponsoring a forum prior to its Annual Meeting, focused exclusively on Civil Society. It will take place in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, on 13 March 2014.

On this occasion, the Forum's focus will be "Quality of Life - Partnerships for a Positive Impact." Officials from the IDB, governments, members of CSOs, and private sector leaders will share their perspectives on the impact of the actions that their institutions are taking to improve citizens' quality of life.

The Forum, planned for 150 participants and organizations, including CSOs representing all of Latin America and the Caribbean, will be a platform for learning about shared interventions and potential synergies in joint work between CSOs, governments, the private sector, and the IDB.

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