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2015 Citizen Security Week: Third Regional Policy Dialogue and Seventh Intensive Training Clinic

Date: 19 Oct 2015 to 23 Oct 2015

Time: 8:00 AM

Location: Quito, Ecuador

To read the conclusions please visit: http://blogs.iadb.org/sinmiedos/2015/11/03/siete-retos-para-ganarle-el-crimen-y-la-violencia/

The Government of Ecuador, through the Ministry of the Interior and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), hold the Citizen Security Week 2015 in the city of Quito from October 19th-22nd. The Citizen Security Week encompasses the Third Regional Policy Dialogue and the Seventh Intensive Training Clinic.

Both the Dialogue and the Clinic geared to promote dialogue on citizen security, gathering local, national and international stakeholders who will share experiences, lessons learned and the challenges faced by Latin America and the Caribbean.

The IDB supports the efforts of the Region’s governments in preventing violence and crime while contributing to improve security management by providing technical and financial advice, generating knowledge, exchanging good practices, and fostering dialogue and regional cooperation among countries.

Citizen Security Network – Regional Policy Dialogue
October 19-20, 2015

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), through the Regional Policy Dialogues, endorses the generation and dissemination of knowledge, as well as the exchange of experiences and the debate on public policies, between government officials from Latin America and the Caribbean and experts on key development areas.

The Regional Policy Dialogue on Citizen Security seeks to facilitate the exchange of experiences and lessons learned among the highest country decision-makers on citizen security public policy issues, including Secretaries/Ministers, Undersecretaries/Vice-ministers of the Interior, and other senior officials involved in citizen security.

Established in late 2010, the Citizen Security Network aims to promote the exchange of experiences, lessons learned, and solutions to common challenges, both inside and outside the Region, through a hemispheric meeting ?Regional Policy Dialogue? held annually, and a virtual community that operates on an ongoing basis.

To date, three Policy Dialogues have taken place on specific topics in the area of citizen security: two Regional Dialogues with the participation of national governments ?one in Washington, D.C. (2012), and another in Mexico City (2014); and one Subregional Dialogue aimed at subnational governments, held in Porto Alegre (2013).
On this occasion, the main topic will be “the strengthening of crime and violence information to develop, implement and evaluate citizen security policies”. Specifically, the following subtopics will be addressed: i) coordinating stakeholders for producing quality information; ii) improving information on Violence Against Women (VAW); iii) using information for crime and violence prevention; and iv) generating evidence through the evaluation of results and impacts.
The meeting will be organized as follows: (i) an introductory session to present the document to be discussed; (ii) four discussion sessions on the subtopics for government officials to share their approaches, experiences, lessons learned and challenges; and (iii) a closing open session for participants to unanimously decide on the conclusions, common priorities and next steps.

The Dialogue will take place at the Centro de Servicio Integrado de Seguridad Ecu 911 in Quito, Ecuador. This center is equipped with top-notch human and technological resources for citizen security management. Like on previous occasions, the Dialogue will gather Security and Justice Ministers and Vice-ministers, national and international experts, IDB specialists and scholars from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Intensive Clinic on Citizen Security Training
October 21-22, 2015

This Clinic is intended to promote dialogue on promising experiences in violence and crime prevention. It will gather national, subnational and international authorities and managers, as well as scholars, experts and other public and private stakeholders involved in this area, and IDB specialists in charge of citizen security in LAC.

Each year, the Clinic spots and discloses innovative and promising experiences in violence prevention, both inside and outside the Region, focusing on those implemented by the host country. This time, the Clinic will be held in Quito, Ecuador. Its main purpose will be to analyze the design and implementation of comprehensive actions that may strengthen citizen security management and the relationship between authorities and citizens in order to achieve peaceful citizen coexistence.

Specifically, this Seventh Clinic will consist of sessions for discussion of the following topics: (i) How to achieve efficient police management that is closer to the citizen; (ii) Technological innovation as an instrument to contribute to citizen security; (iii) Building security with a well-informed and co-responsible citizenship; (iv) Social prevention of violence against youths and women at risk; and (v) Rehabilitation and social and economic reintegration of incarcerated individuals and their effective reintegration after prison. As part of the Clinic’s activity, there will be an on-site visit to the Latacunga Penitentiary Center.

The Clinic will provide participants with the opportunity to present and access the latest knowledge in this field, through promising experiences and good practices carried out in Ecuador and other countries both inside and outside the Region. Given the interest in getting more insight into experiences supported by strong evidence, the Clinic will also be attended by representatives from academic institutions, think-tanks, civil society organizations, private stakeholders, IDB specialists and authorities from the units in charge of implementing IDB-funded Citizen Security projects.

To this date, more than 700 delegates, including senior country officials, government technical teams, representatives from civil society organizations, and IDB specialist staff working in the citizen security field, have attended the clinics, representing most of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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