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Regional Policy Dialogue on Labor Markets and Social Security 2016

Date: 05 Oct 2016

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Washington DC, United States

Location: CR-2 / EVICC Enrique V. Iglesias Conference Center*



Unlocking Youth Employment: Solutions for the Future


Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean face a series of big challenges to unlock the potential of youth employment: How do we prepare young people for a future where some of the best jobs haven’t even been invented yet?  How can young people get up to speed with the skills and information the labor market needs now? How do we reengage vulnerable youth that have little hope of becoming productive citizens in society? What is the right combination of training and employment programs to get employers to take a chance on young people?


In the current economic context, young people are a source of untapped potential in a region that urgently needs to invest in a more sustainable engine of growth—the productivity of its workers. Boosting productivity will require substantial changes to the structure of labor policies focused on all workers, but starting young people off on a successful career path is an essential piece to solving the productivity puzzle.


The 6th Regional Policy Dialogue on Labor Markets and Social Security invites participants to explore innovative solutions to these challenging questions. The discussion will center on the key elements of successful youth employment, with a special focus on the following issues and solutions:


§  How apprenticeship programs with both off-the-job and on-the-job learning components can help build a win-win set of skills for both youth and employers so that the job matches and productivity thrives now, and in a fast approaching future


§  How to build robust intermediation and vocational orientation services with strong ties to employers to help students make successful school to work transition


§  How to design incentive schemes for employers to hire young people


Set in Washington, D.C., participants will also have the opportunity to visit and engage with successful local programs and leaders, examining how different states have served as laboratories to test and implement innovative programs and policies to promote youth employment.

 *By invitation only


For more information please contact: Vivian Indorfviviani@iadb.org

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