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Fiscal Autonomy and Coordination for Effective Decentralization

Date: 31 Aug 2017 to 01 Sep 2017

Time: 8:30 AM

Location: Washington DC, United States

The deepening of decentralization in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) has strengthened the responsibilities of subnational governments (SNGs) and their role in the implementation of fiscal policy. However, gains from the expected benefits of decentralization depend to a large extent on greater subnational fiscal autonomy and the establishment of effective intergovernmental coordination mechanisms.

In Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), the SNGs expenditure as a percentage of total public expenditure grew from 20 per cent in 1985 to about 30 per cent in the present decade, while the share of subnational own-source revenues remained unchanged around 10 per cent of the total national revenue (Fretes and Ter-Minassian, 2015). This difference has generated vertical fiscal imbalances and high dependence on national level transfers. On the other hand, many SNGs have low institutional capacities and limited incentives for efficient management of their competencies. In this context, the SNGs of LAC have the pending task of broadening their fiscal autonomy and establishing better intergovernmental coordination and cooperation mechanisms to achieve an effective and fiscally responsible decentralization.

The First Forum of the Decentralization and Subnational Fiscal Management Network of Latin America and the Caribbean aims to analyze how subnational fiscal autonomy and intergovernmental fiscal coordination can influence decentralization processes in the Region.

Location: Inter-American Development Bank - Andres Bello Auditorium

Contact: Hugo Menendez (hugome@iadb.org)

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