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DC Political Economy: Consultation on the World Development Report 2017. Governance and the Law

Date: 18 Mar 2016

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: 1330 New York Ave., NW, Washington DC - Room CR-201, United States

D.C. Political Economy Seminar Series
(Prior registration required to enter the building - use link on the left)
Light lunch will be served

Join Luis Felipe López-Calva (WB) who will be presenting the World Bank's flagship report: Consultation on the World Development Report 2017: Governance and the Law in the economic advancement of nations. 

The flagship report will examine the institutional foundations of a well-functioning state, and address two sets of issues facing the development community: The complicated interaction between economic development and the quality of governance; and the persistence of gaps between intended governance reforms and the reality on the ground. To do this, the Report will demonstrate the importance of taking into account the nature of governance when designing interventions for effective service delivery and human well-being.

The WDR 2017 is being conceived of as part of a trilogy of World Development Reports, alongside WDR 2016 on The Internet for Development and the WDR 2015 on Mind, Society and Behavior, which examine how policy makers can make fuller use of behavioral, technological, and institutional instruments to promote economic development and end poverty.

The report team will engage closely with the World Bank’s new Governance Global Practice and other Global Practices/Cross-Cutting Solutions Areas to advance the analytical framework for governance and institutional reform and draw out operational implications to enhance the capacity of the state to deliver growth, inclusiveness and social progress. To that end, WDR 2017 will convene a high level Advisory Panel on Governance and the Law to advise the Chief Economist and the Governance Global Practice as the World Bank strengthens its overall engagement on governance issues.

Contact information: research@iadb.org

The D.C. Political Economy Seminar is a monthly forum on comparative politics and political economy research sponsored by IDB’s Research Department. In this forum, faculty and researchers in the greater Washington DC area are invited to present their on-going projects.  Its objective is to provide an opportunity for a fruitful exchange of ideas and feedback, as well as to build a network of researchers in political economy that can help foster future collaboration not only with the Research Department, but also with other areas of the Bank.


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